Happy Halloween

Originally posted on Gray Poet:
The witching hour is upon us All the plans are set for tonight Let those brats step onto my porch And I’ll give them such a big fright. Oh you say I am much too…

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Forever – reblogged

This was originally posted by me in 2014, just at times there are those thoughtful moments and I wanted to post it again.

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Truthful Hurts

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It came as a surprise that things clicked Maybe we were looking for a distraction But emotions got involved and blossomed Hard to deny that there was an attraction. I dreamed.

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No Voice Left

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Forrest reminded us that life is like a box of chocolates Who knows what we will get as we go though challenges There are times we see planets align we feel so blessed Then we turn around, almost knocked down … Continue reading

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Shifted Pain

We open our mind to think To think is to at times dream To dream is to be hopeful Being hopeful can bring pain That pain causes us to think. When we heal, we start anew Maybe we find a … Continue reading

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Haiku You

Hope springs eternal Yet it can be forced to pause Taking another course. We look to the stars Dreaming of someone special Often to be fooled. Should you give advice Knowing a friend is taking Steps toward being hurt.

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Thoughtful Memory

Who knows why our thoughts go where they do Is it the desire of the heart or of the mind Memories often bring forth such vivid images Tender yet erotic, passionate and yet kind. I can recall your smile as … Continue reading

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Are You A Head Banger

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    We’ve all witnessed the effect that music can bring forth Hard Rock or Metal can causing head movements to be seen While some bang in earnest and some are just joking around Those images of head banging are … Continue reading

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As a Public Service

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  There are times when we need to be more outgoing To look for ways to help others as a public service So I was thinking of ways I might also contribute And seeing this sign, I thought why not … Continue reading

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Sunny Days

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Even when Winter really hasn’t been that bad I long for the warmth brought by each sunny day I’ll never tire of Summer with its hours of sunlight Riding down roads without needing a word to say.

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