Pondering Thoughts

There are times I feel that I have disconnected Not that I meant any to feel they are neglected But it seems that when my feelings are isolated Less of a chance that my words need corrected.

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Words Are A Gift

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How many struggled with writing assignments Maybe school wasn’t something you enjoyed Each has their talent or favorite type of class However without words, life can be just a void.

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If I

If I were to come across you walking Would you notice that I was even there Might we have a drink or conversation Would you dismiss me without a care. If I were to walk up to your table Would … Continue reading

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Eyes or Heart

Two people look at the same thing Yet they each see it differently Are they looking with eyes or heart Does it matter what they might see? A friend might try to give guidance Seeing something that leads to concern … Continue reading

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The Wall

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It started with a rock, one stumbled over Then a little mud that caused you to slide A few more uncertain steps prove weary Soon you’ve a need to just stop and hide.

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Walk or Run

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There are so many looking for someone special They hear so many words and still try to believe Learning from mistakes, while hiding their hurt Yet too often still wear their heart on their sleeve. There isn’t an instruction manual … Continue reading

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Sweet Surrender

Tender kisses as fingers linger on her skin The salty trail my tongue leaves on her neck Warm breath creates patches of goosebumps Pausing a moment, keep our passion in check. Slowly removing pieces of each others clothes Across the … Continue reading

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Picture This

Who hasn’t collected an email history Memories of conversations taking place Saving a few special moments over time Reading again with a smile on your face. Maybe it was a message about family How the kids are doing as they … Continue reading

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New On The Market

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Have you ever felt you were outdated That you weren’t the right style or size That you were invisible, just passed by That maybe you should try to advertise.

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Morning Routine

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Whether you hear an alarm go off or not At some point, we all start a new day Maybe some are bubbly and ready to smile Some, before coffee, have little to say.

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