Passionate Night

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  A beautiful smile to warm the heart Soft words that put others at ease A personality that can warm any soul She’s a woman built, her man to please.

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Gentle Rain

  Soft rain falling on the roof last night Gentle reminder of the cycle of life Thoughts in motion like heavens gift Washing away any sorrow or strife.

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Listening to the rain on the windows
Thinking of the words that we shared
Cleansing like the glass being drenched
Memories of how much we both cared.
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Paths Less Travelled

As I journey down this path
I wonder where it might lead
With so many twists and turns
Each step taken with heed.

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Blessed Be Your Day

A wee bit of the Irish you’ll need
As you wake to enjoy the dawn
For one and all shall be blessed
With the luck of the leprechaun.
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Do Cats Stutter?

Ok, so not a poem as usual, but I just couldn’t resist this story…. Do cats stutter? A teacher’s story about Stuttering A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students. “Human beings are the only animals that stutter,’ … Continue reading

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Is There A Message In A Bottle

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  We have heard of looking for a message in a bottle What do those words really mean as we contemplate If we really found the message would we know it Or maybe we would we realize it just a … Continue reading

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Message in a Bottle

Originally posted on Message in a Bottle:
How is it possible to miss you so much when you are always in my heart? It cannot just be your touch, as I dream of your fingers exploring my body each night.…

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Snow Cover

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  Quiet solitude as the snow gently falls Frost forms on the window, nature’s art Cold fingers tracing patterns on the glass Using memories to help warm the heart.

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Morning Puffs for Belinda

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Thought of a fellow blogger this morning on the way to work and thought I would snap the clouds as the sun hit them… See her page at

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