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Thoughtful Memory

Who knows why our thoughts go where they do Is it the desire of the heart or of the mind Memories often bring forth such vivid images Tender yet erotic, passionate and yet kind. I can recall your smile as … Continue reading

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Often we stop what we are doing to reflect Thoughts seem to roam like a grazing cow Looking back at some detail or event passed We might ask our self who, what, why or how.

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Life Is A Journey

  Do you look back and wonder where time has gone So many moments written in the pages of our mind As we flip through, some cause us to pause and reflect We contemplate friends that have been left behind.

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  In a time where many have gone crazy TV, newspaper, internet full of lunacy It’s getting hard to find anything positive We see so many feel no reason to live.

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Picture This

Who hasn’t collected an email history Memories of conversations taking place Saving a few special moments over time Reading again with a smile on your face. Maybe it was a message about family How the kids are doing as they … Continue reading

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The Scrapbook

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It wasn’t what I was searching for at the time When I saw it, I was compelled to look within Carrying it to the couch, I took a deep breath To open it, memories would flood once again.

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Gentle Rain

  Soft rain falling on the roof last night Gentle reminder of the cycle of life Thoughts in motion like heavens gift Washing away any sorrow or strife.

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How Long

A friend posted this song again and, once again, I was caught in thought…  Hope you enjoy also. How long will someone remain with you Can memories be too much of a burden Will they be cherished or be forgotten … Continue reading

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Hippocampus or Not

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Looking at a sunset and its amazing color Do we file away that image to remember An unconscious event without meaning Maybe something we will cherish forever.

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We experience pleasures to remember We draw on the memories and smile Each of us has a special one to recall So let your mind wander for a while.

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