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Can this be?

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Have you read something and thought Something here just doesn’t add up A division seems to be forming So you examine it more closeup. This just caught me on a tangent It made me look for some kind of sine … Continue reading

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Do You Remember

Do you remember When a drive through the countryside was enjoyable, the smell of freshly turned earth, mowed hay, not fields smelling like Waste Water Plants. Do you remember When the only wars we needed to be concerned about were … Continue reading

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Thoughts of Belinda

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As I started out on the bike to work this morning, I had to pause and snap a couple of pictures. I know that my friend Belinda loves sky pictures and, while the camera can’t capture the true feeling, the … Continue reading

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A Character To Remember – Robin Williams

With all the tributes and posts about Robin Williams and what his loss means to so many, I waited a few days to post and let the dust clear. What a character Robin Williams was He covered so many various … Continue reading

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Did I

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Did I give you help when you needed it Did I listen when you needed to talk Did I force you to stand on your own two feet Did I lend a shoulder to help you walk. Did I listen … Continue reading

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A Male Thing?

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Not a poem, but a random thought that rattled in my brain. I was browsing through friend’s blogs and came across a story that gave me a moment to reflect. It included a story of a well-endowed woman who loosened … Continue reading

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Holding it in my grasp I see her gaze land It was firm moments ago Now drips over my hand. I can see her desire Tongue wetting her lip She waits in anticipation As I offer her the tip. She … Continue reading

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Got this from a friend and, the mood I’ve been in, I just couldn’t resist… Fred goes to a doctor and says, “Doc, I want to be castrated.” The doctor says, “Look, I don’t know what kind of cult you’re … Continue reading

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