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Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.

Down Life’s Path

Life can give us many opportunities to grow The choices we make testing what we know Some will test our endurance right to the line Others leave us feeling we will be just fine. Advertisements

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  Quiet contemplation A mind that never stops Thoughts of how life changes Memories.

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Take A Step

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I am never sure where my mind will wander At times I feel that I am in complete control Other times it wanders as if it was not mine Leading me on a journey into a black hole.

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Standing Under Understanding

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  We can try as hard as we might to comprehend life Dreams always seem to be goals worth our pursuing However feelings always seem to get in the path As we struggle to get to the point of understanding.

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The mind is a tool that should never stop working Yet all too often rather than listen and take heed We choose to ignore the warnings it tries to give Believing that the heart knows better what we need.

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There are times when we seem too obvious Feelings and desires seem out of place Then there are the times we stay quiet Almost feeling that we should hide our face.

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Color Me

Some times we think of colors and how they relate to people Often we find we get caught up with thoughts and emotions How can we deal with the word and the color, let’s imagine: Giving – can be thought … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

Originally posted on Gray Poet:
The witching hour is upon us All the plans are set for tonight Let those brats step onto my porch And I’ll give them such a big fright. Oh you say I am much too…

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Forever – reblogged

This was originally posted by me in 2014, just at times there are those thoughtful moments and I wanted to post it again.

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Truthful Hurts

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It came as a surprise that things clicked Maybe we were looking for a distraction But emotions got involved and blossomed Hard to deny that there was an attraction. I dreamed.

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