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Breathe – mature

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Travelling today, but mind was active. I had this one in my drafts, so I thought I would go ahead and post it. The morning glow gives a gentle light Waking after sharing an intimate night Sheet kicked off shows … Continue reading

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You Had Me

You had me… … right where you wanted reaching out for a touch passion starting to build wanting you so very much. … listening for you to come sensing your body heat craving the contacting skin two into one, complete. … Continue reading

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Special Day – FWF Image Prompt

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Another Friday prompt from Kellie Elmore with her Free Write Friday posts. Be sure to check out her wonderful blog and all those that contribute: So many thoughts to process it’s scary The beauty this day holds is so … Continue reading

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Morning Drive

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These were shot over a nine minute period on my drive to work. Could have been a lot clearer had I had a camera and pulled over, but the phone had to do at the time. I know one friend … Continue reading

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The Fog — Part 4

I flipped the switch that illuminated the single bulb in the alcove wanting to make sure we could see our way.  She didn’t question, she just clung to my arm and followed, trusting what she felt.  I closed the panel into the … Continue reading

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That One Spot

It started small Not even noticeable at first Maybe this fabric Is not blessed, but cursed. It has been plain cotton Now it is Egyptian prime Why think of it as cursed It has committed no crime. Yet it seems … Continue reading

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At Peace

We all know how precious a newborn At times we line up for a chance to hold Those feelings change with each year At times we neglect ones who’ve grown old. Thinking of one that I just laid to rest … Continue reading

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Something Missing

At times the mind just won’t stop, so my rambling increases… From the moment we are born, it’s there That moment when a touch soothes our mind While not everyone has the same experience We all desire a touch: soothing, … Continue reading

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Twilight Embrace

Ever have a thought that started as one thing and seemed to have a mind of its own? Is it a story or a poem? I’m not sure, but it is all fiction… She stood before me that cold dark … Continue reading

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One Heart, One Loss, One Day

I wanted to post on the Daily Prompt for today. It can be found at: The prompt is: Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post. … Continue reading

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