(not me)

I contemplate so many events as my life slips by
Things unimportant to others, yet make me smile
Little things and even some more profound events
They cause me to sit back and ponder for a while.

I remember the smell and taste of Mom’s cooking
Big portions around a table with mismatched chairs
Family conversations mixed with laughter and tears
No electronics or tv to distract or add to our cares.

I remember the smell grilling peanut butter sandwiches
Simple times of ham and beans, butter and cornbread
When eating as a family was just something you did
Respectfully listening to the words your parents said.

I remember walking to school, yes we did a lot outside
Red Rover, Tag, Hide and Seek were times to have fun
The age of gadgets has given us so much at our fingertip
But also hindered the time we take to get out and run.

I remember many of those that have passed on in death
Family and friends, even those lost to violence of this day
I remember children being taught manners and to respect
That there was a time to listen or reply and just what to say.

I remember when life seemed to be a lot simpler and relaxed
I don’t think it was just being younger or that I was out of touch
I feel this age of advances has let us forget the values we had
My mind is still active, I just sit back and don’t ramble as much.

I remember old farmers sitting around a pot-bellied stove
Spinning yarns of days gone by, whether they’re factual or not
Maybe we need more of those type of places without wifi
A place we can enjoy, where morals and manners are taught.

Until then I’ll just sit back and think about the joys in my life
I remember rotten egg smells made in the school labratory
I remember going parking underneath that old oak tree
I remember reading braille bumps, oh that’s another story.

About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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1 Response to Remembering

  1. Celtic Gal (Kathleen) says:

    I remember all you have written and more. Thank you for taking me down Memory Lane with you! I’m sitting here with a big smile on my face because of you!

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