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Thank you

I wanted to thank all my friends again for the words, prayers and hope that they have shared with my family and myself. My sister ended her course here on earth at 2:17 this afternoon. The healing will go on … Continue reading

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The Truck

Some days we walk along Lost in our own world it seems Oblivious to how we affect others Their perception, emotions or dreams. And then along comes the Mack truck Giving us insight that we hadn’t seen Finding out the … Continue reading

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Just as with the life she lived, it seems my sis is hanging on to the end. She was unresponsive today, I came home a few minutes ago. I expect a call any time but thought I’d take a break. … Continue reading

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Taking a short break from sis. Trying to support my bro-in-law. I think we are down to hours. I wanted to say again I really appreciate all the kind words and prayers that have been shared.

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Long Nights

The shadows play tricks on my mind As I sit and stare off into space So many thoughts to run through my head Trying to put everything in its place. With all the joys we are given to share Why … Continue reading

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Quick update again

I know that I haven’t been as active as previously, but my mind is as active as ever. I wanted to leave my friends a quick update. My son had his second surgery to rebuild his ankle yesterday and the … Continue reading

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What is such an intriguing word What makes children use it so much What drives parents crazy when they hear it What makes you jump when you don’t expect a touch. What keeps you up at night What causes you … Continue reading

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The Mist

Sitting alone watching the sun fade away Waiting for the twilight that will conceal He waits for the shadows of the night to arrive So no one else will see the pain that is so real. Hiding behind the smile … Continue reading

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Gentle Hands

With such a delicate touch he holds her Knowing the pain she has been carrying alone Too proud to share what she has to bear She fought to hide it while her smile shone. But he knew her too well … Continue reading

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Ahead Looking Behind

How far into the future None of us really know When looking back to see What our life might show. Was it a life we’d be proud of Some don’t seem to care But many realize what they leave Is … Continue reading

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