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Am I A Fool

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Life can be an extension of the lessons learned At times I can wonder how I ever left school I know that we continue to grow as we mature But there are days that I feel like such a fool.

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Walk On

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What do you say when you have run out of words How do you reconcile ‘one’ that has become two Do you take the time to look back and analyze Or must you accept that your we is now just … Continue reading

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Four Letter Words

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So many four letter words we can use to remember those that cross our path, just put some together to clear my mind. Not a poem, just rambling in four letter words. Some flattering, some not, and yet we can … Continue reading

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Reaching for the Stars?

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What makes us feel the desire to reach for the stars To strive to better, to be more than others believe Are we endowed with a flawed desire for adventure Or is it a life test that we give more … Continue reading

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There are times when words just don’t make sense They can’t bring back any thought or a sensation After sitting and trying to ponder what is wrong The choice that makes most sense is a resignation. Resigned to stop a … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

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Oh those words that let us know that others care Funny how they have different thoughts each year I thought of a friend that is celebrating today And wonder what each that messages has to…

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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Originally posted on Gray Poet:
Happy Valentines Day Roses are red, Violets are blue, I bought dinner, Now can we …. Oh the things we do with words They can please and can tear down They can bring us to…

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My Worthless Cupid – repost

Originally posted on Gray Poet:
Just another timeless treasure… Happy Valentines Day. I have to say Iā€™m very distressed I sent you out and each time you missed How am I going to find someone special to hold If you…

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  In a time where many have gone crazy TV, newspaper, internet full of lunacy It’s getting hard to find anything positive We see so many feel no reason to live.

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Do You Hum Along

There are times you need to hear a song Something to make your mind go elsewhere Maybe it will make you simply pause in time It can paint a picture that will take you there.

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