Down Life’s Path

Life can give us many opportunities to grow
The choices we make testing what we know
Some will test our endurance right to the line
Others leave us feeling we will be just fine.

We touch so many lives as we travel our path
So many there is no way we could do the math
Some will rush by no more than a moment past
A precious few will leave imprints that ever last.

We all make mistakes that we later may regret
Hopefully others forgive, if they can not forget
May the special moments far out weigh the bad
That memories remind of all the smiles we had.

We all have our own share of love, loss and stress
Where the path takes us, often we can only guess
As we each journey down this path we call life
Prayers be said that we see more joy than strife.

About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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2 Responses to Down Life’s Path

  1. Phylllis Sears says:

    Bravo my precious friend; I love it; great job!!!! you amaze me with the depth of your writing; take care Charles; know I always hug you in my prayers; hugs and smiles and wishes for God’s very richest blessings!!!! ….Phyllis

  2. Jamie Mitchell says:

    Very nice poem.

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