I know that there are those that come here and see, but don’t feel the need to say a word. I hope the you find at least some of my words to your liking. I write the majority of the time to simply let the thoughts out of my head. There are so many poems that fall to the recycle bin, but at times they strike a chord with me and make it to my page.

I always enjoy knowing what someone may feel to read the words. I encourage you to take the time to offer that thought that I might know what reaches out as I reflect on the thought I left. I take constructive criticism as well and would rather know when I might hone my skills. This is only a recent undertaking for me and I am still learning.

I have been encouraged by friends to share, thus the birth of these pages. Since starting I have had the confidence for the first time to submit some of my work for consideration. Recently I actually sent four poems to Poetry Magazine and while I hold out only the slightest of hopes, thus keeping this dream alive, I am encouraged that I just have people who enjoy some of my works.

Thank you for visiting the pages and do hope for some comments or thoughts. If you care to keep them private, I can be reached at charlest1955@yahoo.com.

1 Response to Ramblings

  1. aionion says:

    Your every day words have always had a way of forming themselves into a type of poetry, From the warmth, gentleness,romantic, heartfelt, sincere, truly caring to the fun , teasing, humorous personality that always shines through. This forum is wonderful to share all of those feelings.through your writings. The right person will read your works. I can’t wait, knowing that one day, I will hear your words set to music, other than the personal music it plays in my ears. . Keep up the great work Charles!

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