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The Path – villanelle

We make our own path to follow in life It isn’t straight but often turns We don’t have to follow everyone else. We do the best we can with what we are given It has been said many times that … Continue reading

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To Date or Too Late

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Just some limericks to lighten the mood…. There once was a boy with hope That a girl would let him grope So he invited on out She slapped with a shout And he knew with celibacy he could cope. There … Continue reading

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I spelled the words as I did for a reason To show that some can read what we write They may understand what we are trying to say Even though the words don’t come out right. A comment on one … Continue reading

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How many times have we looked back Only to kick our self for a choice Everyone makes mistakes in their life Even if we don’t want to give them voice. Of course we look back and see the effect And … Continue reading

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The Flower

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The flower was planted with the care it needed The feelings were there to want it to bloom It was cared with the love that it deserved Food, water, love, it was even given room. Over time something happened that … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

I was given the following words to create a poem, I’ll see what I can do: ice cream, black, blue, chocolate, red, roses It was such an overcast day The black clouds hung in the sky I wanted to trade … Continue reading

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The Path We Follow – villanelle

There must be a reason our paths crossed We aren’t always aware why it happens Only time will tell if the paths merge. As we go about our life we meet so many others Some will never know that we … Continue reading

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Night Out

Just thought I would try my hand at a short story, so here is a few paragraphs…. Something different. It started as a typical afternoon, three guys trying to decide what to do on a Friday after school was let … Continue reading

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Braindead – FWF contribution

Once again Kellie has tempted us with a morsel for her Free Write Friday post. See more at: I’ll try to use all the words supplied: fling, spoon, bustle, coarse, elocution, homeward, hitch, froth, salacious, rancid, 8-track, coagulate, diode … Continue reading

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What kind of image does hatred invoke Just the sound of the word effects each Because we know the pain it can cause For all those within its cruel reach. How many times have you said you hate When you … Continue reading

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