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Such a small word it might appear to be Yet with the power to evoke such thought Leaving us to ponder our course in life Whether we ought to or should we not. If only I had taken a different … Continue reading

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Wonderfully Made

Have you ever taken the time to reflect On how wonderfully made our bodies appear With all the different shapes and sizes Most days we can still smile ear to ear. What if our eyes were not on our face … Continue reading

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Free Write Friday – The Door

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This is my Free Write Friday offering based on the prompt from Kellie at: Presented with the thought of choosing I pondered who and what I’d like to see And having a sense of adventure in mind I thought … Continue reading

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Deafening Silence

Most spend our life listening to things around us Even without thinking about it we hear so much And when we are confronted with no sight or sound We often revert to thinking with only a touch. If you’ve spent … Continue reading

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Space and Time

No space and time continuum issues Just needing some time to check my space Being quiet a few days might help Rest my mind from this continuous race. I’ll be back after a few days Might even find time to … Continue reading

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Why Today – FWF contribution

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This is a contribution to Kellie’s Free Write Friday, which this Friday was focusing on the atrocity of human trafficking… Please read more at: Given the rights that should be afforded all people I find it distressing that there … Continue reading

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The Fog – Part 3

Sitting there across the table, sipping the tepid coffee, I quietly waited as I took in the emotion I could feel brewing. I tried not to stare, I didn’t want to make her self-conscious about the tear-streaked mascara nor did … Continue reading

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The Fog – part 2

As I rounded the bend and turned toward the dock, the thoughts in my mind swirled as did the mist and fog around me. As the shadows darkened, I was glad the water here had been cleared of the old … Continue reading

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The Fog

Gliding quietly across the stagnant water of the backwoods inlet, the fog swirled as I strained to see anything past the end of the canoe. What was I doing out here in the twilight with this white gauze rolling in. … Continue reading

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Change of Heart

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Following ones heart is always a risky venture For we know that it can be misled easily enough But follow it we must if we are to love again Hoping it helps us live, not make us tough. We hear … Continue reading

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