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What gives us the strength to stop To turn aside from a path we’ve taken Then we find it leads us a wrong way And losses leave our heart aching. What gives us the strength to admit That while we … Continue reading

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Oh the trips we take in our mind The twists and turns of memory lane Close your eyes and feel the lives Some have passed, many still remain. The trails of our thought bring feelings A time, a place, the … Continue reading

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Massacre at Pilgrims’ Pass

I had an opportunity to read Massacre at Pilgrims’ Pass by Tim Lister over the weekend. If you enjoy a western that captures your attention throughout the book, I recommend this one. The author weaves a story that is enjoyable … Continue reading

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In a mirror, what do you see Are you all that you want to be Do you have qualities you desire Of yourself being critical, do you tire? We know and magnify our own faults Others don’t always see the … Continue reading

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Standing Firm

What makes us stand tall When we’d rather just fall Keeping a smile for show Hoping others won’t know. One foot in front of the next Treating everyone with respect When we want to just scream Things not as it … Continue reading

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Bring It On

We go about our day not knowing If the breath we take is our last We’ve become a society of runners Not learning from mistakes past. So many conveniences that we have We used to travel as a family well … Continue reading

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Best Moment Award

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My thanks to Joanna for nominating me for this award. She has an amazing talent and I hope you will check out her blog and enjoy it as I have. The rules are that I must write an acceptance speech … Continue reading

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Am I A Writer

Having just seen a post about word count Caused me to pause to reflect my writing For it seems if I aspire to be a writer I’d be reviewing, editing, inspiring. To become an accepted publisher writer Is a goal … Continue reading

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Dark of the Night – Free Write Friday prompt

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It’s Friday and Kellie has once again prompted us to submit a Free Write Friday post… so here goes. Be sure to visit Kellie’s page to see all the postings: The warnings came as they often do Of storms … Continue reading

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Joke 748

Originally posted on The Laughing Housewife:
More from flyingjokes. Kulula airplane funny at Lanseria Airport (Photo credit: Meraj Chhaya) Female Radar Controller: “Can I turn you on at 7 miles?” Airline Captain: “Madam, you can try.” * Tower: “Airline XXX,…

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