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Often we stop what we are doing to reflect Thoughts seem to roam like a grazing cow Looking back at some detail or event passed We might ask our self who, what, why or how. Advertisements

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What Type of Wall

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At one time or another we all put up walls around our heart Maybe to protect what we feel we have with a special one Perhaps it is to shield from pain we feel headed our way Think what type … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day Roses are red, Violets are blue, I bought dinner, Now can we …. Source: Happy Valentine’s Day

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Golden Years

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Each new month makes me realize how time passes When I was younger it never seemed to be noticed Maybe with the passage of the years I’m more aware The light at the end of the tunnel is more focused.

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One Day at a Time

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The calendar shows another year has come around Who knows what this one will bring with its passing We remember the days that have come and gone A few left us crying, hopefully more were laughing.

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Each Day

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Originally posted on Gray Poet: Is there one day better than another We have so many special days to share Mother, Father, Veteran and those gone Which one shows the most that we care. Wedding, birth, graduation or death…

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Visually Impaired

I was recently told that men are visual I guess I can accept that statement as fact There have been times when I felt inclined To let my gaze caress a woman, with respect.

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Hang On?

You find someone who you are attracted to Almost as if the stars aligned just for you When they find that same attraction you feel Hang on – this might be too good to be true.

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Life Is A Journey

  Do you look back and wonder where time has gone So many moments written in the pages of our mind As we flip through, some cause us to pause and reflect We contemplate friends that have been left behind.

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I Don’t Want To Grow Up

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Have you told yourself “I don’t want to grow up” Let feelings and thoughts of others go neglected I realize that becoming a responsible adult sucks Too many big choices, too much is to be expected. As a teenager I … Continue reading

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