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Cultural Differences

I wonder at times how we came to have The diversity of cultures around us So much beauty in the world to share Learning from each other is a plus. But I wonder at times about some things Like the … Continue reading

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Just in a limerick mood

There once was a boy with hope Found a girl he thought he could grope She slapped him around Knocked him to the ground And said “You have to ask first you dope”. I once knew a man from Muskogee … Continue reading

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Passing The Torch – villanelle

He felt more than she even imagined Even knowing she made the mistakes Keeping hope alive when there was none. It wasn’t as if she was anything special But to him she was the only thing he saw He felt … Continue reading

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Music Moves

Listening to the sounds You just can’t sit still If you really listen closely It can your heart fill. Doesn’t matter what kind it is Country, soul, R&B or even Rap Young or old, happy or sad Listen close and … Continue reading

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First Fiction – part 2

OK, so I was asked to continue… so here goes nothing. I’m open to any suggestions as since I do this for only fun, I compose as I type. If I have to think about drafts and revisions….lol… it will … Continue reading

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First Fiction

With a little inspiration from some of those reading my Free Write Friday post, I thought of trying to write a little fiction to see how it felt. I don’t consider myself a poet, let alone a writer, but sometimes … Continue reading

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When Wishes Are Followed

What do you do when you have wished for something It almost comes true but not in the way you wanted Do you keep trying to see if it will come to pass Or do you just give up only … Continue reading

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Free Write Friday entry – Passing Moments

It is Friday again, so I’ll try to contribute and work my mind… I’ll try to use the 9 words given, maybe a short story this time. There was a symmetry to her face, the way the sunlight shone off … Continue reading

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Have you ever wanted to just pack up the car Head down the road not knowing where you’ll go To feel the adventure in making a right or a left Where the road leads, something the map can’t show. When … Continue reading

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Broken Mirror

Waking up to face another day What is it we try not to say Can it be that we think overmuch Is it some nerve we wish to touch? Looking in the mirror we ponder What is it that make … Continue reading

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