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Innocence Lost

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Oh at times to have innocence back To see the world as a small child Days without care, an easy laugh Stealing a cookie was getting wild.

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There are times I am in such a fog Walls up, not to see or to be seen It can be cold in this misty light Depressed, optimistic, I’m in between.

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Sand of Life

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“Like sand through the hourglass So are the days of our lives” Maybe they were just words read for a show Added days, something each of us strives. Too often it seems our life is like sand Slipping as through … Continue reading

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You slip slowly into my sheets Little did I think you’d be there But I awaken feeling your touch The scent of freshly washed hair. Tender kisses as we come together Too long have we waited for this Skin on … Continue reading

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Faraway Thoughts

Is it that we are more thoughtful As we grow older and days remember Or can it be we think of mortality Of ones past, present, maybe future. It isn’t that I dream away my days I’ve had so many … Continue reading

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Make a Note

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It has been too long since I have contributed to FWF, so I hope to get back on track… Thank you Kellie for keeping the prompts coming. I hope any who take the time to read will visit Kellie’s blog … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

I think we should reinstitute public flogging. And we should start with those engineers that still believe round abouts are a good idea. Is it bad when you’re talking to your proctologist and he says “I just can’t put my … Continue reading

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Wrong Email

Sorry for my absence, today turned into a cesspool, but I got this as an email and the smile at least gave me a moment of peace… I hope you can get a smile… Thanks to all my friends for … Continue reading

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Lighter Load

We’ve all had things pile up Life’s challenges in abundance But seldom do I get so many Coming upon me all at once. It’s not like we can avoid things When our stars seem to align So lean on friends … Continue reading

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