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The Wedding

I attended a woman’s wedding today Daughter of a long-time friend It was a precious and joyous occasion And I enjoyed it through to the end. I couldn’t help but reflect as I returned Of special times in my own … Continue reading

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The Story

Words can tell a story And most of us have read Words written by someone Applying it to ourselves instead. My words tell a story of times When I felt a reason to smile Yet now I start a different … Continue reading

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Changes don’t always come easily Whether we realize it at the time Sometimes we’re just too stubborn We treat advice as if it were a crime. At times we can look back and realize Just what made us act that … Continue reading

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Some Haiku

You felt me leaving It did not affect your heart Walk down a new path. Can we ever know What makes someone fall behind We must let them go. After we are hurt It does no good to remain If … Continue reading

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Stubbornness – villanelle

Anthony J. D’Angelo: Never let your persistence and passion turn into stubbornness and ignorance. Stubbornness can be a trait that makes us strong It can keep us going or it can be our downfall Fight for something, not just fight … Continue reading

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A Whisper

To look around and see a smile To feel the love that was shared It gives a purpose to a lonely soul It lets you know someone cared. When it is taken for whatever reason And you are left wondering … Continue reading

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Can You Forget?

With so many questions in our busy life With the changes in direction that we take With priorities being changed before our eyes Can you leave dreams behind for another’s sake. When someone we care for takes a different road … Continue reading

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Empathy – my Free Write Friday entry

I am putting my thoughts once again toward the FWF from a talented artist: Empathy is a word that we hear very little these days In a time of “I’ve got my own problems”, we care less So much … Continue reading

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The Wind

There was a cold wind blowing Not that it was felt tonight With all the conflicts in his mind There was little that felt right. Could it be the end of the road Was the truth too hard to see … Continue reading

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Am I A Bug?

Some days I feel like a bug One put here to be a pest There must be times you want to swat me And put my irritation to rest. Maybe I could be likened to a flea It seems I’m … Continue reading

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