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Starting over

How many times have we started over In many of the paths we will walk Whether alone or shared with another We may be quiet or with someone talk. However we get to this point in life We can’t just … Continue reading

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Patience is a virtue So I have been told I tried to be patient But it just got old. Trying not to say What you know is true Is not being honest It is not fair to do. There comes … Continue reading

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Wonder Why

There are still moments When I wonder why How she could love me And it makes me sigh. Her beauty just surprised me The feelings that she touched What let me have the honor Of feeling all she shared. I … Continue reading

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I remember the smile I think of the voice I dream of the moments can’t regret the choice. I told you of my feelings And left you with my heart You turned your head Leaving me to part. The feelings … Continue reading

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Remember One Thing – villanelle

After all that life has thrown at you When you feel there is so much to do You are responsible for your own happiness. We are only as happy as our own feelings It is too easy to let life … Continue reading

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Looking Out The Window

It was a time when thought was alive Yet to others he looked like a statue All the inner turmoil that was there All the memories and things to sort through. Looking at the falling leaves gathering Like the thoughts … Continue reading

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Crowded Solitude

Going through the day quietly Alone in your own thought Even with those knocking It is quiet that is sought. Have you ever felt all alone While standing in a crowd Wondering if you should scream If it would be … Continue reading

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Why Write

There are various reasons why some people write They are as numerous as the challenges we face So many types of postings to read each day Prose, stories, ramblings, all have their place. I have seen some write just to … Continue reading

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I had so many thoughts in my mind of late But I have to say they return to a girl She is one that touched my heart before A beautiful smile and hair full of curl. To see her eye … Continue reading

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The Mind

The mind can be such a wonderful gift So many things to accomplish in life I wish more used what they’ve been given. The challenges we face let us make choices We don’t always know the best way to turn … Continue reading

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