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Have you ever been hurt How long does it take to heal Are you able to clear your mind Does that make it any less real. We have all felt it at one time Often it is hard to just … Continue reading

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The Cabin

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Smoke lifting gently from the chimney Curtains visible through the windows Dusted, arranged and silently waiting Memories abound, yet no one shows.

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I sat quietly It didn’t help I closed my eyes You’re still there I watched TV I still felt you I imagined family I saw your face I went for a walk You came along Turned off the lights Still … Continue reading

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Morning Sigh

Listening to the morning radio show About a Death Watch renamed Happy Counting down life’s moments left I wonder if even guessing is for me.

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Music Soothes

There are times when music soothes Most times I can tap or sing along Occasionally it makes me thoughtful Has me wonder what’s right or wrong.

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Music Touches the Soul – a Bee Gee’s mood

How deep is your love, can it be measured Is it for one alone, or is it something shared One would hope it is strong enough to last Otherwise it will be a memory in our past.

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Music Touches the Soul – Just a Montgomery feeling

Gone – what does that word mean to you Something displaced or something through Is it something that you can get to come back Or a train that has gone down another track. I swear – two words that should … Continue reading

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Music Says So Much

Feelings are something we all have Whether we try to avoid or ignore They make us who we truly are Without feelings, we can’t be sure. Dreams give us a chance to get away To look for what might yet … Continue reading

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Sympathy vs Empathy

Contemplating the post of a dear friend I felt the pain that was related in word Reading what others sent as a response Had me wondering the feelings stirred.

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Take A Walk

If you could take a walk to the beach Standing on the sand and gazing out You’re standing without a hand to hold Are you strong or maybe feeling doubt.

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