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Happy Halloween

The witching hour is upon us All the plans are set for tonight Let those brats step onto my porch And I’ll give them such a big fright. Oh you say I am much too crass I tell you that … Continue reading

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Changing Seasons

Waking to the cool mornings Thinking of winter to come Wanting to crawl back in bed Pleasant dreams, I need some. Oh where did summertime go I always prefer the heat and sun Fall seems to arrive and yet I … Continue reading

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For Mary

It makes me smile to think of Mary Surrounded by family on her special day Seeing around her the legacy that she will leave Cherishing each moment they share along the way. So much change you have seen in your … Continue reading

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Free Write Friday – Abandoned

Here is my contribution to Free Write Friday, glad it is back again… If you would like to check it out, the current one can be found at: Lost and alone, what terrible feelings to have Life is supposed … Continue reading

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As We Grow

As we grow throughout our life We change what we feel must be done There are things that lose meaning Even though at one time they were fun. As we grow we tend to change our focus Moving from the … Continue reading

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It’s another Monday like most others Just a thoughtful day to reflect Where is life taking us this time So many dreams and feelings to respect. There are always times we remember When we think of what we’ve become We … Continue reading

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Life can give us so many distractions It is easy to lose sight of friends If I have neglected any of mine I hope you will let me make amends. I let myself get caught up with things Maybe they … Continue reading

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Words Change

Interesting how words seem to change Meanings change over the time You might use them a little different But at least you can still make them rhyme. Take the word hump for example Growing up this might be a great … Continue reading

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Cherish A Smile

Cherish A Smile What is there that can compare To the sight of a beautiful smile Regardless of how you are feeling That image can ease any trial. I have always cherished a smile It warms my heart many times … Continue reading

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I Am Enough

So often spend time looking Not realizing what we already see I have come to the realization For now, I am enough for me. I know the joys of sharing I had and I lost a wife I will leave … Continue reading

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