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Weekend Away

Oh the joys of being back at work After having a weekend away to think Shouldn’t have had a reason to care No reason to doubt, fight or drink. To see a friendly face and have some talk To hold … Continue reading

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Midas Touch

Midas had that special gift To turn whatever he touched to gold Well I feel like a similar thing Is what I have with what I try to hold. But mind is not a touch of gold For that would … Continue reading

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Personal Phoenix

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From out of the ashes rose the figure of a man Nothing special to look at but with renewed zeal Time to shake off that burning of the past Tend to the bruises and try once again to feel. Nothing … Continue reading

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When The Smoke Clears

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When the smoke clears and the remnants appear The realization sets in that there is no more The burned out remains of what might have been No longer will you be back to walk through that door. So you board … Continue reading

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Be Careful

You need to be careful in life There are those that will be cruel They may not start out to be But they may not follow any rule. When you let yourself care to much You leave yourself open to … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Lindsaythomas20's Blog:
I miss getting butterflies When I used to look into your eyes Always wanting to be with you Being apart, would never do My stomach would be in knots Nervous, hoping you’d like me…

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Kick The Curb

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He waits at the spot they chose Wondering if she will arrive Excitement fills him at first For she makes him feel so alive. The minutes pass with a longing For so much it seems they share Can this be … Continue reading

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Spring Flowers

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As the days get longer and the sun returns The world around us starts to change form Surrounded by the beauty that returns to life There is still solitude found in a spring storm. What does the rain that falls … Continue reading

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Sunshine Award

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I am excited to announce that I have been nominated for The Sunshine Award by Here are the rules of this blog award if you are nominated: Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
. Answer … Continue reading

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Music of the Heart

Music can give us such pleasure It is all round us through each day There aren’t always words or strings Just a melody that makes us sway. Nature has such beauty in the wind Birds can be so pleasant to … Continue reading

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