Thankful Words

I started this blog at the beginning of 2012 to submit one of my poems to a monthly newsletter (and I’m thankful for The River Journal for its enticement.) I had never considered my words to be anything more than a way to clear my mind of the clutter that seems to develop.

Since that first post, I have been in awe of some of the talent I have found in my journey. I can’t begin to express my surprise that others consider my ramblings to be poetry of some sort. I wanted to take a moment and a post to say Thank You to all those that have chosen to follow my blog, to comment and encourage this old poet, if that title I am worthy to wear. I look for the comments, the critique and the words to continue to mold my efforts.

I would ask that any that visit feel free to offer whatever they feel in the way of words. It is only through the feedback of those that we touch that we know the words were heard, in hopes they were likewise felt.

1 Response to Thankful Words

  1. ClownPonders says:

    And thank you for sharing your talented writing skills with us!
    I’m starting a weekly post called “The Guest” and I would be honoured if you would like to be one of my guests?
    It involves me just asking you two or three questions and then you either write a poem or chose one that you have already written for me to add to the post, I would love for you to take part!
    If your interested or not either contact me on here or via email on 🙂

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