Random thoughts

I think we should reinstitute public flogging. And we should start with those engineers that still believe round abouts are a good idea. Is it bad when you’re talking to your proctologist and he says “I just can’t put my … Continue reading

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Wrong Email

Sorry for my absence, today turned into a cesspool, but I got this as an email and the smile at least gave me a moment of peace… I hope you can get a smile… Thanks to all my friends for … Continue reading

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Lighter Load

We’ve all had things pile up Life’s challenges in abundance But seldom do I get so many Coming upon me all at once. It’s not like we can avoid things When our stars seem to align So lean on friends … Continue reading

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M. I. A.

To many MIA gives thoughts of soldiers Missing In Action, their fate unknown But there is a more common explanation Making It Alone, by strength it’s shown. Almost everyone desires someone special That match that makes us feel so complete … Continue reading

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Quiet Contemplation

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Taking a few days of quiet time Finally took my Dr’s recommendation Let him clean up my knee of damage So I’ll sit in quiet contemplation. While my body takes the time to heal My mind is still as active … Continue reading

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With A Yawn

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Thoughts of you are so strong I feel you as we share a touch As I wake with a yawn I realize that you are gone. I stare at the ceiling and turn Gazing out the window I reflect As … Continue reading

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Morning light

Good morning is just waking up, and I was there! Good morning Belinda.

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Cross Your Fingers

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I think back on childhood rhymes Cross my heart and hope to die Do we really do that these days Or just get the needle in the eye. We cross our fingers for good luck But how can that be … Continue reading

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Morning shine

It has been a while since I’ve shared a sunrise with Belinda, but between the storms rolling through we did have a pretty morning.

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Caring Heart

What is the risk of having a caring heart If we reach out to care for someone We never expect that it will feel wrong Even if we think we are the only one. At times we give of our … Continue reading

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