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One Day at a Time

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The calendar shows another year has come around Who knows what this one will bring with its passing We remember the days that have come and gone A few left us crying, hopefully more were laughing. Advertisements

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Into The Wind

Not everyone enjoys two-wheeled excitement For me it is a chance to relax and just get away Feeling wind passing by and sun warming my skin Lost in my thoughts, not needing anything to say.

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Memorable Words

Words at times flow easily Other times just quietness Often speaking from a heart Quiet as a result of stress. When the words do come out Will they be memorable or not Will they touch someone else Or just leave … Continue reading

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Like the old song ‘Rainy Days and Monday’ I agree that they always get me down Not that the weekend was such a treat But Monday seems to bring out my frown. Why do we have to let this one … Continue reading

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When You Cannot See

Seeing pitch black as I try to cross the room Listening for any hint of sound to guide me Tentative steps as I move from furniture pieces Imagining the room as if only I was able to see. Every texture … Continue reading

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