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The Scrapbook

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It wasn’t what I was searching for at the time When I saw it, I was compelled to look within Carrying it to the couch, I took a deep breath To open it, memories would flood once again.

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Merry Christmas

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For all my Christian friends, best wishes for this special time of the year. It isn’t about the twinkling lights or the presents Nor is it about the music that fills all the stores We place so much stress on … Continue reading

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What Is Family

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Through most of our lives we have been taught The value of family and for this we have sought It starts with parents, maybe siblings and such And for most, its our own family we love so much.

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Photograph Memory

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Sitting on the floor amidst the photos Time captured in so many memories Surrounded by family long since passed Yet so alive with each photo he sees. As a child held in arms and feeling loved Holding fingers as first … Continue reading

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Better Days

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He thought of better days those with his family they were close truly happy loved times change children get busy time seems so fleeting then came the sudden loss death seems so cruel one’s never ready feeling alone mortal depression … Continue reading

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Family Time

I remember those days when young Thinking and whining “Do we have to go” Those visits to see all the family again Talking to people we don’t really know. Then you age, even if you don’t grow up And you … Continue reading

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Another Memory

Is it just another memory that is made When a life ends for a dear friend Family all gathered to share voices In a song, before the breaths end. Years remembered with each generation A woman always giving of herself … Continue reading

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Patiently Wait

Quietly sitting by a bed Holding an unresponsive hand Remembering such a vital soul Nothing now to be planned. Family gathered anxiously Knowing the time is near Trying to smile and comfort Counting each breath they hear. Even knowing the … Continue reading

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I saw a post from a blogger I follow that focused on being Thankful… It was a nice thought to contemplate, so I pass it along. With all the stresses and pressures of life Are we meant to struggle just … Continue reading

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Looking back, how we enjoyed the innocence of youth Back when our fears seemed to revolve around desires Who was going to get the last cookie or piece of pie Why can’t we stay up late or skip school, why … Continue reading

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