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How Will You Walk

I felt the warmth flow across my face and remembered you The sparkle in my eyes was from the reflection of my tears Standing in the sun with my eyes closed I can still see a smile But I know … Continue reading

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Pondering Thoughts

There are times I feel that I have disconnected Not that I meant any to feel they are neglected But it seems that when my feelings are isolated Less of a chance that my words need corrected.

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Do You Know Me

Always enjoyed this song and there are times when I wonder if anyone really knows who I am. The words make me think, and besides, always wonder what inspired their name….. Simply Red. If you don’t know me by now … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Behind

Tie your dreams to an arrow Shoot it into the sky Don’t ask why Just let them fly. Stop the connection you felt Too much was said Just take the med Clear your head. Try not to see beyond today … Continue reading

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What is in a song

Have you had a favorite song to sing One meaning something special to you A song bringing thoughts of someone The words you felt could ring true. This was one that I shared inside I could see telling one of … Continue reading

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Just a few days before Christmas And all alone except in my head I try to make sense of my thoughts And decide to stay alone instead. Presents are wrapped and delivered No one expects me to call or appear … Continue reading

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Growing out of a barren crag Like a flower standing alone Some might think out of place Yet its beauty is easily shown.

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The Cabin

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Smoke lifting gently from the chimney Curtains visible through the windows Dusted, arranged and silently waiting Memories abound, yet no one shows.

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Take A Walk

If you could take a walk to the beach Standing on the sand and gazing out You’re standing without a hand to hold Are you strong or maybe feeling doubt.

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Dreaming Out Loud

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When you close your eyes, what do you see Life is full of dreamers and their dreams Too often we get distracted from our own But always they are with us or so it seems.

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