Obama’s Specialized Housing

After a major lobbying effort by a special interest group concerned with fair housing practices for Persons of Small Stature, President Obama finalized and appropriation for new housing.

After discussing the needs of these ‘Little People’, the guidelines have been set for a development of duplex units. These units will have lowered counter tops, lowered ceilings and shorter doors. While there should be enough headroom for visiting ‘Full height’ individuals, this will make it more convenient for the heating, cooling and cleaning of the units by the occupants. The facilities, laundry room, furniture will all be lowered in height to follow the new guidelines.

While the first units will be for the disadvantaged, with stringent income requirements, the funding for the units is such that there will be no cost to these occupants for rent during the initial funding of the housing development. With the unusual requirements of the building codes, the rent-free status of the occupants and a desire to not ‘label’ the dwellers unfairly, there was significant discussion on the naming of the development. This has also finally been approved by the Senate oversight committee and the new complex will further be referred to as:

Stay-free Mini Pads


OK, so I couldn’t resist… I crossed my mind…


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1 Response to Obama’s Specialized Housing

  1. Phyllis Sears says:

    I love it!!!!!!! what a way to start my Friday; thank you my friend… hugs and smiles Phyllis

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