Am I A Fool

Life can be an extension of the lessons learned
At times I can wonder how I ever left school
I know that we continue to grow as we mature
But there are days that I feel like such a fool.

The journey we take as each day we move ahead
Can teach us more by the choices that we make
And while it will always be easier to look behind
It is better for us to always give more than we take.

There will be those that prefer to take advantage
With words and smile as they selfishly manipulate
Breaking the trust that is given from a caring heart
We may not realize their desires until it is too late.

There are times we can become bitter from deceit
Tired of picking up the pieces of that broken heart
Even if it wasn’t ours and we help someone else
It may be that we are forced to make a new start.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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2 Responses to Am I A Fool

  1. Phyllis Sears says:

    wow; how did you know what I am feeling today; we all make mistakes – I just keep making the same one over and over again; I need to just stop trying to have a life partner – for me am never going to find one; great poem and it sure hit home with me today; hugs and smiles and tears flowing Phyllis

  2. Kathleen says:

    Misery must love company because I’m feeling exactly as you and Ms. Phyllis above feels. I’m now surrounding myself with my friends and family who show me unconditional love and acceptance. With them, I don’t have to continually make fresh starts…I can relax and just be me, flaws and all. Warm hugs to the both of you. Kathleen

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