Four Letter Words

So many four letter words we can use to remember those that cross our path, just put some together to clear my mind. Not a poem, just rambling in four letter words.
Some flattering, some not, and yet we can relate to so many as we sit and think:

Away – how many times have we wanted time, only to find they were not around
Baby – might be a term of endearment or it could refer to the way that are acting
Care – it is easy to care how someone is being treated or to want the best for them
Dear – a term for those that have touched our heart and can still make us smile

Evil – come on, we all have those that we’ve come across that make us scared
Fool – not the normal F word, but it can still bring an image of those gone bye
Gone – it might be that we wish they were still around, but then, it is what it is
Hurt – to imagine a smile or voice and have it bring back all that has transpired
Item – what we might have hoped to be with someone special, but it didn’t happen
Jerk – what you are probably referred to by that one, ok, maybe jugs is better to use
Kiss – a word that still brings so many emotions into play when you see their photo
Love – had your heart become involved or do you now hear them saying it to another
Mine – there must be some out there that can still remember on to refer to as this
Neck – at times, just the thought of that soft skin can cause hormones to rush… I digress
Open – to find someone that can relay their thoughts and dreams, so very special
Pass – some walk right on by, sometimes we peek too long, only to find shared pain
Quiz – we might think it isn’t important to ask questions, but the heart is treacherous
Real – always be real, it seems too many don’t want to be, at least have a real rack (necessary humor)
Slow – really, today so many think of love as a one night stand, take time to make sure
Tear – that drop on your cheek can be for many reasons, but we can hope it is from joy
Used – we all know someone that we felt did it, might have even been ugly, enough said
Vain – some things so much about them self they forget that someone else can care too
Wish – sometimes when thinking of another all we can do is wish them the best in life
Xray – wouldn’t it be nice if we could take an xray to see if they really have a heart
Yawn – if you are still reading this, you are probably feeling as alone as I am, sadly
Zero – they say One is the loneliest number, but being alone can make you feel like this


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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6 Responses to Four Letter Words

  1. Phyllis Sears says:

    Might not have been poetry but certainly prose; I love it; took some time; you always surprise me and bring a big smile; yes one is a lonely number but sometimes we just have to smile, sigh and put one foot in front of the other; regrets or sad thinking gets us no where but bogged down; so smile my friend and know how much you mean to those of us who read your poetry; I am glad you are part of my circle of friends; sending hugs and smiles from Georgia….Phyllisi

  2. Note: a record mentally made that the choice of each four-letter word here tells a story of melancholy

    This is an interesting way of portraying feelings, and of these four letter words.

  3. Kathleen says:

    There’s another 4-letter ‘H’ word that one should put before all others – – HOPE. (It’s a good word to live by!!!)

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