Paths Less Travelled

As I journey down this path
I wonder where it might lead
With so many twists and turns
Each step taken with heed.

So many branches I might take
As life offers new experiences
How do I know what is the best
I have to trust my own senses.

There are times I look behind
Checking the progress I made
Some paths are clear and bright
Some a memory starting to fade.

Time to get out of my own head
Synapses going in all directions
Experience can guide me along
I’ll walk with new expectations.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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3 Responses to Paths Less Travelled

  1. operahell says:

    Your words are beautiful – thank you for sharing them. I am looking forward to perusing the rest of your blog!


    • graypoet says:

      I appreciate your kind words and hope that I can continue to give you words to ponder. I don’t consider myself a writer, just one at times that bends words to get the thoughts out of my head. Thank you so much for commenting.

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