You read my posts and questioned
Your feminine intuition let me smile
My words lead you to ask my status
No, haven’t dated in quite a while.

No apology for posting my emotions
I’m guilty of writing whatever I feel
Frustrations, concerns, anything else
They are all coming from what is real.

I appreciate the words shared in concern
Life gives us challenges often to carry
If I didn’t let some of mine leap to a page
Bearing them would make me feel wary.

There are times even I tend to get quiet
But not to worry, I sort things out in time
I’ve learned I can’t stop my own connection
So I spill the words into pages of rhyme.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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5 Responses to Intuition

  1. Wet Bliss says:

    🙂 A virtual smile for you, and a nod of approval. Keep doing what you do so well.

  2. Your words continue to be glittering gems for this fem!

  3. Cyan Ryan says:

    Continuing to read as requested and accepted Charles! If I had read this sooner I might have gotten weird deja vu and thought you were an old female friend incognito that I recently extended my intuition’s light on the life of in a similar assumption of her relationship situation! Glad I avoided the paranoia of thinking she was someone I had refollowed after being subscribed to some time ago!

    I am so quick to look for hope with my favorite one of the two who I even care that got away from me, though I suppose I am such a daydreamer, I see reminders of past muses everywhere I look these days, chasing inspiration and conversation where I can find it, finding it difficult sometimes to start conversations with people who seem perfect strangers, people who aren’t at least a little familiar in some sense, whether or not it’s really a shroud I imagine over them to make it easier to start speaking, as if speaking to ghosts was easier for me than talking to people! Sadly my favorite ghost girl only speaks to me in dreams I rarely remember these days… but last night was a treat, as she made an appearance that didn’t flee from memory with the dawn!

    Sadly there is a darkness deep in her, a frightening magic I cling to that keeps my heart turned off to the charms of warmer women’s arms, and I remain single despite the occasional lady showing romantic interest, albeit long-distance. One in recent months kept sharing (appropriate) pictures of herself in our email correspondence, and I tried to reciprocate and kindle sparks, which seemed to go off for her, but I was left feeling cold, preferring my unlucky 13th muse in my heart despite her cold-treatment of me.

    If every there was an allegory to being haunted by a ghost of someone who acts like she’s not in the same world as another, I suffer the experience personally. Sometimes it feels like a ghost is all I’ll have, as there’s only been two out of an odd twenty “love” interests that I’ve felt anything for beyond passing feelings that don’t last beyond chasing ghosts of their feelings and calling theirs my own over the numbness I feel towards their love for the sake of hoping I just can’t sense the sparks starting on my side.

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