A Character To Remember – Robin Williams

robin williams

With all the tributes and posts about Robin Williams and what his loss means to so many, I waited a few days to post and let the dust clear.

What a character Robin Williams was
He covered so many various personalities
Whether a rebel dj named Adrian Cronauer
All the way to drive by fruiting Doubtfire.

To hear his laughter as a big blue Genie
Or the wild side he played in Jumanji
In Robots he entertained as jovial Fender
And in Hook we found irresistible Peter.

Of course we started to imitate Nanu Nanu
As we watched him orate his earthly view
We couldn’t forget him in Mork and Mindy
But we could as his role playing Popeye.

Whether he was thrilling us with stand-up
Or in Dead Poet’s toasting by raising a cup
He managed to lead us to laughter and tears
He could bring an audience to standing cheers.

As with most any celebrity taken way too quick
We’ll now watch favorite movies we might pick
Time will tell how long his memories will last
I’m hoping he’ll be remembered a long time past.

The loss of a great personality and artist, he will be missed.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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6 Responses to A Character To Remember – Robin Williams

  1. Thumbs up…you captured it all so nicely!!!! Dear Robin, if only knew the love outside….

  2. nicely done, Gray. ❤

    • graypoet says:

      Thank you Kellie… Hard to express how a person has touched your life, especially when done through their work only. Whether a screen actor or an online artist, at times we have to say something and hope they realize, present company included.

  3. Just Patty says:

    Beautiful tribute to a special man.
    Lots of love ❤

  4. Shalynne says:

    Awesome tribute. Loved him as the Genie – that was my kids’ first introduction to his talent. I can’t believe you remembered his name from Good Morning Vietnam – what a great movie. I’ve been telling everyone to look for one of his lesser-known movies titled “Moscow on the Hudson”. It’s just a sweet little movie about a Russian saxophone player who “defects” to the US after a performance, and how he recreates a life for himself in NYC. Not even sure if you could find it in HD; if I watched it now, I’d probably get a headache. LOL

  5. graypoet says:

    Yes, I remember that movie too… he did so many that I couldn’t include them all. I enjoyed a lot of his standup routines too. He was amazing at thinking on his feet and being able to just run off on a tangent with any little hint… Thank you for your comment.

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