A Male Thing?

i lub b

Not a poem, but a random thought that rattled in my brain. I was browsing through friend’s blogs and came across a story that gave me a moment to reflect. It included a story of a well-endowed woman who loosened the top button of her sweater in anticipation of the mail delivery man. Was it a move just to cause a moment of innocent flirtation or a personal bit of satisfaction that she could entice even an older married male? Don’t get me wrong, I read the post and wondered what I would have done in his shoes. That caused me to further contemplate the age-old question: what is the male fascination with boobs, breasts, tits, tatas… whatever you want to call them. I can attest that no matter the size, shape, age(I do have boundaries of too young and too old), I enjoy the opportunity to take the appropriate glance, double take, stare and drooling-lustful-please-don’t-stop view. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have taken the opportunity to look down a blouse if seemed appropriate. I would never comment on an unknown woman’s build, nor would I ever wish to make a woman uncomfortable by my interest. So what is it that causes the desire to look, the excitement of the moment, the hope for a glimpse, however fleeting.

On the other hand, is there a common thought that women take. If someone takes a glance, are you flattered or offended? If you happen to be wearing a top that gives a bit of cleavage, is it just fashion or did you allow that bit of mystery for your own gratification? I’m not ignorant of the moral or ethical issues that give so many opinions, married vs single vs teasing vs exhibitionist. I have seen those with their peers that get emboldened and generally make a fool of themselves. All that aside, I am just thinking of the personal attraction to the female body and wondering what it is that brings such a smile, that leaves me with that dreamy moment of wonder. Being a single male, I have had opportunity to view the female anatomy and when it was meant to be shared, I don’t believe I have ever turned my face away. So, just a few moments to clear my head and voice my ponder.

I’ll just leave one of my favorite says to consider: Keep your chin up…. It makes it easier to look down your blouse. πŸ™‚


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Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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5 Responses to A Male Thing?

  1. jadedmess says:

    Chin up? haha πŸ˜‰
    I think if a female doesn’t want you looking at her breasts, she should dress accordingly. Heck, I even look.

  2. Yoshiko says:

    Ha πŸ™‚ but you won’t get a chance with me. For me, I feel flattered when people look at me. I wonder why? Is it the way I dress?

  3. Lesley says:

    I have to admit i too have at times have looked.. there is no harm in looking. Lord knows I am a fairly good size..I also cover up,,, an i have at times noticed some looking at me.. “chin up” πŸ˜‰

  4. shalynne says:

    Love this!. I love to catch both men and women looking at mine. I enjoy looking at them (and others’) too. πŸ˜€

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