Taught Wrong?


We learn so much through our life
We’re taught how things should be
Looking back at what I’ve learned
Is this what I was supposed to see.

Being taught the value of hard work
Of treating others with due respect
That it is more important how we act
That others feelings we can’t neglect.

I was taught the value of being loved
That I control my destiny and course
Always treat kindly any less fortunate
Love you family, for better or worse.

With age should come wisdom to realize
We are given no more than we can bear
That we can give of our heart and time
But others have to take it from there.

Maybe it was different in years past
Our parents different challenges faced
Maybe they couldn’t prepare me for now
With morals and loyalty so misplaced.

Yes, I see my life and have no regrets
But where are the “Golden Years” today
I still give all that I can to others
And hope I make a difference in some way.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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3 Responses to Taught Wrong?

  1. From this poem,I can see you are an old soul who not only writes poems that rhyme, but express wisdom of years. I love the wistful quality of the flow of your words. They make me feel a certain longing, which good poetry, in part, should do. Do you agree poetry is the language of the heart, deep calling to deep? i went through a phase, years back, of writing only poetry, now I write mostly prose, but I feel that poetry phase made a much better writer of me.


    • graypoet says:

      I thank you for your words and yes, my mind is always active, I write just to free the words. I let it out as I can and a lot of it contains my soul. I have not tried many other forms of writing or tried to expand my audience… For me, the blog is an outlet and maybe one day I’ll reach out further or in a different form. Thank you again for coming by and for taking time to leave the comment.

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