If Only They Knew – FWF prompt


fwf prompt

Another Friday and a thought-provoking prompt from Kellie. If you want to read interesting thoughts, please take the time to visit her page:


Now, my thoughts on the prompt, I hope you enjoy:

Almost every day I saw her pass on the street
Little did she say, but occasionally she’d smile
I never saw her with anyone else and I wondered
I got up the nerve and asked if she’d sit awhile.

When she stopped to questioningly peer into my eyes
I knew I took her by surprise for many turned away
A moment’s hesitation, a slight bow, she took a seat
Though nervous, she waited to see what I had to say.

I told her I watched her walk by each morning and night
That I had noticed the sorrow she carried in her walk
That if she’d allow me the chance to get to know her
I’d like to listen, I’d take the time and let her talk.

She took a moment to reflect then she started her tale
A life of helping others doing whatever she was able
No thought for herself, only the hours that were enjoyed
Even now I could feel her heart as we sat at this table.

So much had she given to care for other that were in need
That she never took even a moment to think of her own life
Forsaking the pleasures that so many hold important today
She gave no thought to being a mother, much less a wife.

No, there were no regrets for the path that she had chosen
She would do it again gladly, given the same choices to make
I can’t relate the emotion, the caring, the desire to please
That this woman exuded, yet no honor or praise would she take.

Even now in the twilight of the life that she had been given
She spent each day volunteering at a shelter to give a hand
I offered my friendship, feeling blessed I’d asked her to sit
And as she stood to leave, with tears I felt this lady so grand.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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6 Responses to If Only They Knew – FWF prompt

  1. biggerthanalasagna says:

    Lovely tribute to a life spent in service.

  2. aloha GrayPoet. you have an impressive story within your poetic frame—and a mysterious as well as a generous woman. aloha.

  3. Sounds like she followed her passion and was satisfied with her choices despite her weariness.

  4. Oh how I missed you! Where have you been? I hope you are well. It was so nice to see you again!

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