Psycho Shanon

Psycho Shanon

Psycho Shanon

What do you call an Intern that never leaves
Is she really wanting to be there for all or none
As part of the family we’ve all come to enjoy
A place is currently open for Psycho Shanon.

From running for coffee to passing out script
Her eye roams around to keep them on track
There are moments when she gets to take part
And for now, we long to have her come back.

What a difference all make in our daily life
Even with the loss of such a figure as Kidd
From Kellie to Big Al and from J-si to Jenna
Shanon kept them going, they did what they did.

With all that life throws our way each of our days
There is still a moment when together we share
Glued to the radio or to the screen for Kidd TV
Amidst comedy and hizzle, we know they do care.

So whether stubborn or committed, quiet or not
Now filled with hope she’ll soon be back on air
Psycho Shanon is another part of my daily drive
And mine is but one moment to show we all care.




About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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