Books I’ve Read

I’ve been taking a little time away from the computer lately, reading a few Kindle books. I was surprised to have read a few in the last 3 weeks, thought I would share my list:

A Question of Will – Alex Albrinchk
JET – Russell Blake
Ride Tall, Hang High – Chet Cunningham
Lunara: Seth and Chloe – Wyatt Davenport
1000 Yards – Mark Dawson
The Cleaner – Mark Dawson
Released, an Urban Dystopian – Megan Duncan
Breakthrough – Michael C. Grumley
Boomer – Robert Hatting
Son of a Gunfighter – Van Holt
Change in Management – RJ Johnson
Knights: The Eye of Divinity – Robert E. Keller
Fight or Die – Christopher Kenworthy
The Blieberg Project – David Khara
Coral Sea Affair – Drew Lindsay
The Lance – Alex Lukeman
Choice of Weapon – Alex Lukeman
CIA Fall Guy – Phyllis Zimbler Miller
Bad Day in Dirtwood – I. J. Parnham
Collapse Depth – Todd Tucker
Dominatus – D.W. Ulsterman
Tumultus – D.W. Ulsterman
Deadly Deadly – M. Vigna
Stones – Jacob Whaler
Buying Time – Pamela Samuels Young

About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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