Breathe – mature

Travelling today, but mind was active. I had this one in my drafts, so I thought I would go ahead and post it.


The morning glow gives a gentle light
Waking after sharing an intimate night
Sheet kicked off shows your soft skin
Desires rise making me want you again.

Gentle caresses as I tease you awake
First light, then searching kisses take
While we’ve only had a few hours rest
I eagerly search from neck to breast.

To feel you body respond to the attention
Like waves we’re covered with renewed passion
Enjoying the sensations coming from each taste
I slowly make my way from breast to your waist.

You sigh, fingers reach and twist into my hair
I feel your desire mount as I nibble from there
Senses alive as I feel you shudder and sigh
I savor you as I kiss from one to the other thigh.

Just for you, I listen for each want and need
Teasing a bit as for each ‘right there’ you plead
As the height of your orgasm causes you to wreathe
I can’t help but smile and remind you to breathe.

About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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4 Responses to Breathe – mature

  1. Love this intimate and sensual verse…

  2. shalynne says:

    Nice…so very tender and sexy! Love the pic too!

  3. valarie russell says:

    Holy Smokes.I think i need a cigarette after that lol.You certainly have a way with words my friend.It draws you in and caresses your mind ,heightening your expectations,then releases you with another gentle caress.Very,very nice!

  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    sensuous and intimate in a very hmmm waking up mode..
    now to go to sleep … this wonderful stormy night….
    really good one Andro….enjoyed…!
    Take Care…
    Have a wonderful Sunday

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