The Fog — Part 4

I flipped the switch that illuminated the single bulb in the alcove wanting to make sure we could see our way.  She didn’t question, she just clung to my arm and followed, trusting what she felt.  I closed the panel into the cabin and we were in our own little world.  No sound came through, no light except for the bare bulb.

The bed was as I had left seen it, as if nothing had been here since I last made it and left.  With no outside exposure in the cave, there was no dust to have to deal with either.  I simply pulled back the covering sheet and the bed was ready.  I placed both pillows on the bed and handed her the blanket, the natural cooling let the cave in the mid 60’s.  I kicked off my shoes and spread out on my half of the bed, closing my eyes.  I felt her sit on the other side of the bed and remove her boots, then her weight as she reclined.  Proud of myself, I didn’t flinch when she turned her body and snuggled into my shoulder.  She spread the blanket over both of us and I curled her in my arm lightly.  Tenderly she reached up and kissed my cheek, then she snuggled in, throwing one leg over mine.  She felt divine and my mind was questioning how I would ever be able to sleep.  I turned the dimmer on the switch and all but extinguished the light, just a faint ghostly image to register the surroundings. That was all I remembered as I drifted off to sleep.

I have no conception of how much time passed, but when I woke, I thought I was alone.  Then the memory stirred and I started to sit up.  She put her hand on my chest and I realized she was there in the dark, head propped on one arm, watching me sleep.  I reached over and turned up the brightness a bit.  She had a pleased look and I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her mind.  Yes, we had shared our thoughts on the notes she had scribbled on my poems she had printed.  That we shared feelings that had yet been explored was obvious.  When I asked if she had slept, she smiled and confided that it was more peaceful than she had in some time.  I felt relieved.  I asked if she was ready to talk and she shook her head in the negative, I couldn’t help the puzzled response.  She merely moved closer to mirror the position she had assumed some hours before, snuggled close and throwing a leg over mine.  It was as if we were molded to fit so closely.  She reached up a hand to bring my chin closer, so I glanced down into her eyes.  They were bright with life and instinctively I reached for her lips with mine, this time without question.  I wanted, no needed, to find the answers.  Her fingers came to my throat, but she was leaving no doubt as to her intentions as she pulled me closer.  It was as if we shared each breath, no desire to break the kiss and let the moment escape.  Hands, arms, legs became entwined and all caution was thrown to the wind….

I have no earthly idea how long time stopped, for in the confines of the cave, the sounds of our passion still reverberated in my ears.  As I lay there cradling her body against mine, moving the curls from her face as she slept, I felt as if we had known each other for years, not the hours we had been here.  To know that all the thoughts and emotions I held, trapped in my own doubts, had been the same ones she held.  Where was this headed?  How could we leave this place and return to friends and places we had in common without betraying every moment we might encounter.  Was I still dreaming?  Was this but a moment that she would let fade as an image in a rearview mirror?  The tracks of my emotions turned like a spider’s web.  I knew there was no going back to where we were before this meeting, whatever she might have decided in her own mind.  I had passed that point of no return, life changed.


She began to stir, involuntarily I held my breath to see what the next moments would hold.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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5 Responses to The Fog — Part 4

  1. dawnhosking says:

    And now I hold my breath till the next installment 😉

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    sensuous seems to be a theme this week…I do like yours….
    and I also look forward to the next one..though I will wander back through the others first..

  3. jdunn1974 says:

    Love that line….. When I asked if she had slept, she smiled and confided that it was more peaceful than she had in some time.

    Also enjoy the idea of being molded to fit the ones you love.

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