Spring into Summer

Another Free Write Friday prompt from Kellie, so here is my post. Please check out her blog as the responses are always enjoyable.

curvey road

Some feel no real kinship to Winter
Like me there is a dislike for feeling cold
As a child snow might have been welcome
I’ve no use for it, now that I’m growing old.

Springtime comes and turns things green
Birds return, flowers bloom, changes show
But too comes weather unsettled and wild
Hail and rain, twisters and wind will blow.

Now we start into the days of Summer
I still prefer the heat as it warms my bones
Maybe it’s the boy trying to get out once again
Mind alert trying to run, as even my body groans.

Give me the days that grow longer even tho hot
I’ll straddle the cycle and not count the miles
Just enjoy each moment and bask in the sun
Not caring if there might be bugs in the smiles.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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11 Responses to Spring into Summer

  1. tina5458 says:

    Love your work! nominated you for most inspired blogger!

    • graypoet says:

      Why thank you for the vote of confidence and for thinking of me…. I’ve received the award before, but will try to pass it along to some others.

  2. Heidi Barnes says:

    There is just something about summer that has it’s own magic.

  3. xxkultuur says:

    Great mental imagery. (Licking my teeth to make sure there aren’t any bugs there).

  4. You always impress me. I love love love your poetry, Gray! Thank you for another great, nostalgic read!

  5. Summertime: a season when we return to our childhood again and again. Thank you!

  6. Suzanne says:

    What a heartfelt poem. I love the idea that the sun awakens the boy within the old man. A beautiful image.

  7. this speaks to my heart! i love the heat and the cold has no place in my life but alas it over stayed it’s welcome this year!

  8. invisibleme says:

    This is wonderful. I haven’t done a poetry prompt before – I might just have to try one

  9. Beautifully written–as always–with a wonderful rhyme scheme and perfect beat. I love the last stanza. Made me smile!

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