In the beginning

I saw a post from a fellow blogger that wanted a joke or a story with a moral.  I was reminded of a story I used to tell to the children, so I thought I would share it….


In the beginning

When God made the first creation, placing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, he loved to sit and watch how their lives progressed.  As they had children, he saw that there were going to be problems.  Thinking ahead to all that could happen, he decided to create “the lever”.  So he set in motion the inner workings of creation so that if the lever were pulled, it would simply wipe out all that had been created so that God could start over.

As time went along, God began to feel that he needed a protection for the lever, not wanting it to be pulled by the wrong person.  So he created the serpent to guard the lever, calling him Nate.  Life was good, Nate was able to enjoy his time in the sun as he guarded the lever.  Leisurely days with not much to worry about.  Any time there was a threat to the lever, Nate would make sure he was on the watch, even having to bite a few through the years to make his point that he was in charge.

Time passed and it wasn’t love before there was a path going by the lever, people would point and explain how dangerous it was, yet confident in the knowledge that Nate was always on guard.  The path became a trail traversed by carts and wagons.  The caravans that moved along knew the story of the lever and of faithful Nate.

The fateful day finally arrived when tragedy struck.  The path, that became the trail, that became a dirt road, was finally paved.  Civilization encroached upon the area and soon there were buildings along the road, leaving only a patch of ground for Nate and the lever.  As Nate was getting up in years, he truly enjoyed his time in the sun.  He found that lying on the warm pavement soothed his bones and let him relax.  On this day there was a careless teen driving down the road.  He knew of the stories, yet he forgot to pay attention to his driving as he was sending a text.  As he caught sight of Nate lying across the road, he had only seconds to choose his course, would he run over the serpent or try to squeeze past by the lever.

Thump…. thump.

When interviewed by the officer that responded to the call, he was asked why he had run over the snake…  his response:


Better Nate than lever.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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4 Responses to In the beginning

  1. Thanks for the laughter and smile

  2. Terry says:

    that was so cute!!!! loved it!

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