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Change seems to be something we all share
Sometimes it comes in ways we don’t expect
Maybe we are happy with the way things are
Change may come even if we are to object.

For those that have been effected by hard times
Change can be all that brings that next meal
Sometimes pride keeps one from asking for help
Others lose hope and may find things to steal.

All of us are effected in one way or another
By changes often brought without our control
Some search for ways to make things better
Other simply bury their head in a figurative hole.

We are all brought closer with this electronic age
Whether on our radio, tv, publications or our phone
Across the globe, across town or behind our door
Change is not something that leaves us alone.

We can lend hope, resources, time or just an ear
We can hope that some changes bring better days
But ignoring the fact that some changes will come
May leave us suffering for being set in our ways.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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8 Responses to Change

  1. I like your use of change as in “Change may come even if we are to object” and “Change can be all that brings that next meal”. Love your closing words – sometimes just an ear can help so much.
    Thank you for your sweet comment at my blog! I know I’m still knew to these Friday prompts, but am enjoying reading yours and the other participants writings!

  2. tina5458 says:


  3. neenslewy says:

    I also appreciated the dual use of the term ‘change’.
    A topical poem really as the recession takes away some choices & chances from many.

  4. xxkultuur says:

    Nice interlacing of word meanings, and a beautiful reminder of the meaning we create in our daily lives.

  5. Gray — oh my…how lovely. The use of change not only to mean a small amount of money, but how that ‘change’ can create multiple changes in life. Very touching!

  6. Great wordplay with “change”. And a wonderfully penned and inspiring piece of awareness. You moved me, as always. Thank you.

    *Do me a favor? Please stop by and read today’s post. Bestselling author, Beth Albright is visiting us! Say hello and make her feel welcome!

  7. Ms. Roberts says:

    Ou, having change be the metaphor for the real change that we could bring to the poor. Very awesome and not-so-usual.

  8. seanbidd says:

    Worth in humanity, to find value in sharing, companions to conversations between we friends, we once strangers… Thoughts to come to mind, between your spliced lines, a well considered piece in writing.

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