Inside My Head

Inside my head there is wonder
A maze of thoughts and dreams
Misunderstood I might be often
My mind always alive it seems.

I know that compared to some
I think too much of the time
Hopes, dreams, questions abound
Many fall here trying to rhyme.

There is often a choice to make
When I can’t get a feeling to rest
Bury it, follow it, let it remain
What decision or action is best.

Special people enter our circle
Cherish the time that is spent
Better to chance a painful ending
Than just to wonder where it went.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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11 Responses to Inside My Head

  1. Linda says:

    You must always take a chance on happiness, you wont find it by being safe.

  2. kalabalu says:

    people are like gust of wind blows in and out of our lives, never asked us permission to enter nor find it much needed to say good bye..come and night and day

  3. pivoine68 says:

    Are you a Cancer? I am and I am also continually lost in my own dreams. Makes life difficult sometimes. (for people around me! 😉 ) This is a beautiful poem.


  4. Borednicole says:

    Those last 4 lines are truly words to live by. 🙂

    • graypoet says:

      I’m wondering which 4, I’m thinking the last. Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you find other posts that give you pause to think. I always enjoy knowing how others perceive my words, good or bad. I just visited your blog and look forward to your inspiration.

  5. Phyllis Sears says:

    I really like all of your comments on this one; I believe like Linda though that sometimes we lose by being safe. I wonder what happened…………or maybe why things happen……. We give our all and sometimes it works and sometimes not; just a chance we have to take

  6. Just 2 minutes ago, I was explaining to someone about my situation, closely related to your lines of “Better to chance a painful ending
    Than just to wonder where it went.”
    I’ll say last two stanzas are beautiful.

    • graypoet says:

      Not sure what others might have for situations at times, but I’m glad the words made you stop and reflect. I appreciate any comments as the words fall to the page.

  7. emmylgant says:

    Definitely better to have remorse than regrets. The first says an action was taken, not so with the second, therefore lost opportunity for something positive. Nicely done again. Oh I am enjoying myself here! thank you.

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