The Fog – part 2

As I rounded the bend and turned toward the dock, the thoughts in my mind swirled as did the mist and fog around me. As the shadows darkened, I was glad the water here had been cleared of the old trees. I could start to make out the gap in the trees that I knew to be the path to the cabin. There was the dock, whatever awaited me unknown, but a small flat-bottom with a motor was tied at the slip. I eased my canoe past it and beached it on the soft bank. Careful not to finally end up in the water, I pivoted over the front of the canoe and pulled it up into the yard.

Turning toward the path, I couldn’t make out the cabin in the failing light. It was a deceptive structure at best, being built against the side of the hill. The back of the cabin wall had a door that opened into a natural cave larger than the size of the cabin itself. Flat smooth rock on the floor allowed for a parlor atmosphere and the temperature was constant and comfortable.

But my thought returned to the moment as I came into the clearing. A single light burned in the front room, announcing that she was waiting. Pausing I checked the window but I couldn’t see anything through the curtain so I took the steps and reached the door. A light rap as I knew the sound would carry in the quiet. The door opened to reveal that face I remembered, yet I saw the traces of the mascara that had run from her eyes. Immediately I surveyed what I could see for any signs of another. She invited me in and then closed the door. Motioning me to the table, she offered a cup of coffee and I accepted. I could sense her apprehension, so I just waited, knowing that the reason I was here would come when she was ready.

– more to come –


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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2 Responses to The Fog – part 2

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  2. dawnhosking says:

    So I’m gonna have to go find the next installment now 😉

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