The Fog

Gliding quietly across the stagnant water of the backwoods inlet, the fog swirled as I strained to see anything past the end of the canoe. What was I doing out here in the twilight with this white gauze rolling in. The message left under my door was cryptic at best: need to see you, please try to come, be careful…

We had known each other for years through friends, yet always had we seemed to be passing in the wind at different stages of our lives. Friends and yet, there was always an underlying current of something more, never explored. And here I was paddling toward what? What did I know? What did I feel? What did I hope to find? So many questions in my mind and yet I navigated the tree and stump littered water in a fog as thick in my thought as before my eyes. I knew she had written the note, but why? We had both been to this cabin before with friends, but never at the same time, why now? Was there something sinister afoot? Should I be apprehensive or hopeful? Oh how I hated the unknown these days.

Thoughts of the last image I had seen of her, hair glowing in the soft light that night at the backyard party. Elegant and yet simply at home in the sweater and jeans, yes, she had caught my eye. Our eyes had met and lingered for only moments that night, I’m not sure I even made it to speak to her, but the thoughts were still exchanged, I felt it. But that didn’t explain the mission I was on now, what was that, 7, no 8 weeks ago. I could only guess…

Damn, almost lost my balance hitting that stump. Not that I was afraid being in this water, but I didn’t want to get soaked. Concentrate, pay attention. The fog wasn’t lifting so it was a good thing I had been in this part of the country most of my life. Just about half a mile to go and then the bend toward the dock at the cabin. At least she had picked a night with a full moon, rising now to cast a glow, adding to the eerie look in this gloom.

– more to come… maybe, just something to clear the mind…. any thoughts?


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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4 Responses to The Fog

  1. Yes, If I may, I have a thought. I really like the setting, like that it was a full moon and perhaps the fog would lift (luck in) but I got bumped on the series of questions. Not sure what you are looking for when you ask for thoughts… but the above are mine. Let’s a a great love story shall we?

  2. Annie says:

    It draws me it,, wanting to read the beginning of a great novel….

  3. dawnhosking says:

    I’m certainly intrigued – a nice piece 😉

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