Maybe Me

Gentle and caring is the best way
To show someone that you care
Letting them feel all your emotions
Whether away or standing right there.

Reality can be such an eye opener
For what you feel might not be true
If words come so easily from them
And yet they weren’t meant for you.

Always strive to say what you feel
For some that is so hard at times
I know that for me the words spill out
Whether just said, or put in rhymes.

You never know who might be hearing
The thoughts that you mght pour out
Whether they come out as a whisper
Or maybe in just an anquished shout.

Perhaps your words will find a home
In the heart of one not yet known
You might not even know that was so
Unless their feelings can be shown.

Often we hear what we care to hear
It isn’t always what was really said
We can’t read someone else’s heart
Even if to us it seems they were led.

Everyone has to make their own way
Life won’t wait as we drag our feet
As it is said “Time waits for no man”
We never know who we might meet.

There are only so many moments in life
We can try to make of them the best
Don’t let someone special pass you by
They might have been one of life’s test.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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One Response to Maybe Me

  1. thethinkout says:

    Words of art yet so real. Nice Piece

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