Seasons – to submit to the River Journal

This my submission to the River Journal Autumn Writing Challenge. If you want to know more or submit your own, this is a 4 day contest and can be found at:

The seasons change and give us a renewed hope
Just as the animals with the changes will cope
We too have the seasons of our own life to live
Decide what you will if you hold back or give.

As the leaves start to turn from green to red
We can see the shades that will dawn many a head
The time to go dormant and wait out the cold
It is all how we believe, are we waiting or old.

The bright colors and cooler breezes will come
And time to hibernate will be here for some
The human spirit will kindle the fire within
No reason we can’t enjoy life once again.

Each has the season that gives them the most
Of spring, summer, fall or winter we may boast
Over our life we might change which we prefer
But the coming season will not our joy deter.

So many changes come upon us as we grow
Who we let join us in this trek we don’t know
Like the seasons that change and yet come back around
There is hope for happiness all about to be found.

Be your self, be true, don’t hold back your thoughts
Find those that want to help you connect all the dots
As with the seasons, you may find it’s time to Fall
You can let someone help you, just answer their call.


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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