The Trail – *mature*

Just couldn’t stop my mind so I thought I would press the boundaries and excerpt a short story……

It was cool in the room as the curtain moved in the gentle breeze. The light was just beginning to show through the window as the sun peeked over the horizon. I had been lying there watching you sleep for what seemed an hour. The curl of your hair around your cheek had given me the desire to gently brush it away so I could see your eyes, but I feared to wake you. So peaceful and yet so sultry in the light, you gave me that moment when my breath caught and I realized that I loved you.

We hadn’t planned these moments, but they seemed to have just been meant for us. The evening had been amazing, the dinner I prepared had been nearly perfect. The evening talking had turned into an early morning cup of tea before realizing it was too late for you to start home. Drifting off to sleep with you on my arm, no need for anything more than the kiss and we snuggled as if it had been done so many times before. It was only with my lying here watching you that the desire had registered in my mind. I knew you felt as I did, the connection between us was so strong. If you hadn’t felt the trust, I know you would never have stayed, sleeping there in one of my button down shirts. That is when I realized that the buttons had failed, at least the top few. Or had there been a moment when you were tempted as I slept, maybe you watched me as I watched you now.

Reaching out gently, I traced the line of your shoulder. The skin so tender, flawless, so tantalizing. I saw the beginning of the trail, the goosebumps starting as your body registered my touch, even if you hadn’t yet stirred. I started a slow circle, watching in amazement as the line of bumps grew, following slowly, the light touches following them as a line of fire. Across the shoulder and down to start up the rise, that swell of your breast as you started to turn. I hesitated, but it was to me that you turned, almost an imperceptible invitation. The trail continued and my finger was drawn almost of its own accord. I stopped before I found that which I knew would signal that I had reached a point of no return. I couldn’t, not without being sure.

I lifted my hand, but found that yours held it in place. I looked into your eyes holding mine, the look that melted what was left of my defenses. It hadn’t happened in so long and I had been so unsure, but now it felt as I had dreamed it would. You inclined your head just enough that our lips had no choice. That sweet taste was as the morning dew and I knew that we felt the same thought. As the pressure on my hand gave me permission, I started to advance on the trail, finding that destination that left no doubt that the kiss was not going to be broken soon…..

Maybe more to follow, the thoughts come as they will, but I appreciate any feedback….


About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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