The Trail – continued *mature*

When their lips met, the electricity could have lighted the room, but they wouldn’t have known with their eyes closed. All his senses were alive and the pressure of her hand guiding his was so unexpected that he almost pulled back. When his hand covered her breast, her lips parted and he felt that their souls became one. This was what he had waited for, not wanting to push her, but feeling that it could be this precious. It was as if in that moment of tenderness that the passion turned into a meeting of the minds. He could feel her body react as his was and he wasn’t sure if it was the kiss or the expectation that took his breath away. They clung to each other as the kiss broke, but they couldn’t move, they both knew what they wanted, but it was not to be rushed.

He lifted his head slightly to look deeply into her eyes. Yes, the fire was smoldering deep within and he knew. His lips went to her neck as he covered her body with his. She couldn’t have felt more matched to him, as if they were molded together. Of course there were the normal questions flooding his mind. Should he? Was this real? Was it too soon? They were gone in an instant when her hand found the back of his neck and she kissed him deeply, searching and leaving no doubt that the desire burned as hotly as his. Kissing his way down her body he could feel her start to quiver, his lips were tasting every inch of her and neither could get enough. Each sensitive spot brought the rise of the goosebumps that just screamed out to him “Here, here”. Their hands were not to be quieted and when he slid down, her hands found his hair, guiding him to where she needed him. He had never wanted anyone as much, tender and demanding at the same time, paying that careful attention to each indication she made. The growl that started deep in her throat let him know that there was no stopping. As he took her with is mouth, the pressure of her thighs almost muffled the cry of relief that she let out…. almost.

He climbed back up her body to kiss her again. The words wouldn’t come, but the glow and the light in her eyes said what he needed to hear. Wanting nothing more than to hold her, to share that moment, gave him the answer that it was alright. He knew he could feed his need, but he already knew that would be something else that would be shared. He knew he had no reason to rush, this day would be spent sharing their hearts.

OK, so the story was not to be explicit and yet, I wanted to get the picture out of my head. I hope it was felt as it was read. Maybe I’ll try again some time.

About graypoet

Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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