First Fiction – part 2

OK, so I was asked to continue… so here goes nothing. I’m open to any suggestions as since I do this for only fun, I compose as I type. If I have to think about drafts and revisions….lol… it will be too much like work. Hope you enjoy this. Let me know.

But that was before she got sick, before the entire meaning of life seemed to shift. The cabin collected dust while they sought any hope that would take this eventuality from them. It was only a small irritation, so she hadn’t said anything. After all, why should she mention it when so many plans were being made, but I digress.

The engagement had come as a surprise, he knew she cared and he couldn’t wait to see the light in her eyes over dinner. He had waited patiently, trying not to appear nervous as they had dinner at their favorite spot. When she laid her napkin on the plate and excused herself, he knew that the moment would be right. He slipped the box under the napkin and waited for her return. It was worth the wait to see the surprise as she lifted the napkin and tilted her head in wonder. When he opened the box, her tears and the kiss told him all that he needed to know. Yes, it was the word that brought all the emotions so clear. He had hoped that she would be the answer to his prayers and yet, he had to allow for the eventuality that she might not feel as he did. It moment made it all appear so clear, they would begin planning that life together.

Family and friends to break the news to, although it seems everyone else already expected the time had arrived. To make the arrangements was not a burden as both had already decided it would be a small intimate event, neither wanted the huge celebration, although he would have given her the moon had she asked. The weekends at the cabin now included pictures of cakes and flatware, flowers and plates. While they laughed at some options, they were building a bond that wouldn’t break.

It was a Thursday he remembered as he thought of the change. A simple checkup with her doctor to ease her mind. He would swear he felt the moment even before the phone played her tone, could he get away for a while, she needed to talk. While the drive to the cabin was only a few miles, it seemed and eternity with the quiet in the truck. He couldn’t push her, he knew she would talk when she was ready. Hand in hand they finally entered the door and he turned to hold you as he pushed the door.

Minutes became hours as she clung to his arms. Finally he led her to the couch and pulled her close. With tentative words she related the details, there would be tests to take and results to await, but the doctor was already preparing her for the struggle ahead. So many things that she wanted to ask, should they wait, did he want to part, maybe she should go away. He stopped her rambling with a kiss and a look. He knew she didn’t want to be a burden, yet she also knew his heart would never let her go. With a smile and a hand to her cheek, he dried the tear. There would be no more talk of parting, they would share this, just another part of the life he had already committed to spend with her.

(to be continued)


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Just one that at times puts the words to the page and lets them fall as they might.
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